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The Buddy Board©

A large board designed as an illuminated Lightbox that can be placed on an internal wall to help open-up mental health and wellbeing conversations, and provide some information about these important issues. The Buddy Board is now copyrighted.

The Buddy Bench

A teak wooden bench of various sizes, with engraved phrases that will emphasise helpful buddy concepts and ideas.

The Buddy Box

A small, locked metal box placed securely on a wall for students to post confidential notes in, as another way for trained, wellbeing staff to receive suggestions and mental health support requests.

'Our Joe'

A Presentation and Discussion about mental health by Celia Lyons, the mother of Joe Lyons, as created and produced by a Qualified Mental Health Practitioner.


Workshops can be offered on specific mental health and wellbeing issues for all within an Education Institution's Family, including Teachers, Students, Governors and Parents/Guardians.

CPD Course

An approved Certificate of Professional Development Course for teachers wanting to extend their mental health and wellbeing knowledge and training.

Mental Health Policy for Educational Settings

Surprisingly, It is not currently a statutory requirement for a school to have a specific mental health policy. Therefore, to assist consideration of a wide range of mental health issues, as part of a "Whole School Approach to Mental Health", a draft of a detailed, more specific mental health policy can be provided for information only.

Leaflets and Posters

Framed and Unframed individual leaflets and posters in Joe's Buddy Line logo colours, of specific mental health and wellbeing issues.

The Buddy Booklet - A Road to Mental Wellness

A selection of individual leaflets within a booklet about a range of specific mental health and wellbeing issues.

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